21 Sep 2011

New Start

If you (incredibly) haven't come from my DA page, its dakshen3.deviantart.com, have a look, I do more than just sit and code (not much more though). Otherwise, just carry on.

Anyway, now I'm at the University of Lincoln doing Games Computing (+Masters) I thought that it would be a good time to actually use this old, run-down blog to show off the various bits of crap I create during my learning experience. It also gives me a good place to come if I ever think I'm not good at coding, so I can look back and think 'Wow, look how badly I sucked at coding back then, I'm actually way better now' and hopefully feel a bit better about it.

So, yeah. From now on, Electric Sheep and my DA page should be quite closely linked. DA will be more about my ideas and plans and such, this will be the technical part.

On a completely unrelated note, apparently my neighbour the Incredible Disappearing Luke (he just seems to vanish for hours on end, then you find out he was in his room or something. He did it when we moved in, turns out he had slept from like 2pm to the next morning so I was the only person who had seen him at any point until he emerged for breakfast) has met Dean of OMFGItsJackAndDean, who are friends (I assume) with Tom (aka TomSka) of Eddsworld fame, who unfortunately graduated at the end of last year, so we never got to meet him. So yeah, that's my incredibly insignificant, dilute, indirect and roundabout claim to fame for the time being.

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