24 Jan 2012

Minecraft: Armament Renaissance

Good news, everyone! I have devised another mod that I shall develop alongside APS (though APS will still be my primary mod and as such will by the main focus of my efforts, so don't worry)

This mod is called Minecraft: Armament Renaissance and will include a range of firearms from the ages for use within Minecraft.

Now, I know what you might be thinking, have I not heard of SDK's Gun Mod? Of course I have, but to me it seems a little too 'OMG! GUNZ IN MIENCRAFT! ITS JUST LIEK COD!', no offense SDK. So I have created M:AR to do a similar job, but in a way which is much more in keeping with the Minecraft style.

Here is what I have designed so far (copy-pasted from the text file design document):

Minecraft: Armament Renaissance


Powder Shot:
4 from 1 gunpowder

Musket Ball:
16 from 1 iron ingot

8 from 1 iron ingot

Cannon Ball:
2 from 1 iron ingot

1 iron ingot

Incendiary Shell:
2 from 1 iron ingot & 1 netherrack

Kinetic Shell:
2 from 1 iron ingot & 1 obsidian

Explosive Shell:
2 from 1 iron ingot & 2 gunpowder

1 Powder shot & 1 Bullet

Small Rocket Motor:
4 from 1 gunpowder & 4 paper OR 1 from 1 Powder Shot & 1 paper

Large Rocket Motor:
3 gunpowder & 6 iron ingots

Singijeon (aka, rocket-propelled arrow used with the Hwacha):
1 Small Rocket Motor & 1 arrow

1 Large Rocket Motor & 1 Shell (any type, determining the type of the missile)

Handheld Weapons::

uses 1 Powder Shot & 1 Musket Ball
1 shot before reloading
Cheap to make
Long reload (5-10 seconds)
Relatively high damage
Lots of smoke?

Bolt-action Rifle:
uses 1 Cartridge
5 shots before reloading
moderately expensive to make
Short round change (i.e. pull bolt), Long reload (i.e. put in more cartridges)
High damage

Semi-automatic Rifle:
uses 1 Cartridge
10 shots before reloading
expensive to make, liable to jam
Medium reload
High damage

Mounted Weapons::

uses 1 gunpowder & 1 Cannon Ball
1 shot before reloading
Expensive to make
Very long reload (10-15 seconds)
Very high damage, with splash (i.e. explosion)

Field Gun:
uses 2 gunpowder & 1 Shell (any type)
1 shot before reloading
Very expensive to make
Mid-long reload (7.5-10 seconds)
Damage depending on shell;
Normal - Very high damage, small splash
Incendiary - High damage, small splash, large fire splash
Kinetic - Very, very high damage, almost no splash, can penetrate several blocks (only round that can pass through obsidian, though can then go no further)
Explosive - high damage, large splash

uses up to 256 Singijeon (i.e. 4 stacks) & 1 gunpowder per stack of Singijeon
1 salvo of Singijeon before reloading (all loaded Singijeon are fired in quick succession using a small, random delay between each)
Cheap to make
Mind-numbingly long reload
Low damage per Singijeon, but High combined damage

Missile Launcher:
uses 1 Missle (any type)
1 shot before reloading
Very, very expensive to make
Long reload (5-10 seconds)
Same damage as Field Gun, but longer range & a more ballistic trajectory (for firing over walls and such)


Handheld Weapons:
Using the weapon (i.e. right-clicking) fires, reloads or (in the case of the bolt-action) chambers the next round.
Ammunition is held in the wielder's inventory, the weapon itself will only hold up to 1 reload's-worth (i.e. 1 round for musket, 5 for bolt-action, 10 for semi-auto)

Mounted Weapons:
Must be placed as a block in the world
Aiming controlled using yaw & pitch sliders (perhaps add a new compass to aid in aiming)
Indicator of approximate range (range being subject to slight variation) to allow for better aiming
Ammunition loaded into slots in the GUI (1 shot/salvo at a time, e.g. the Cannon's slots would only hold 1 gunpowder and 1 Cannon Ball)
Fired using redstone? Or a GUI Button?
Buildcraft compatibility? (e.g. rounds can be loaded using pipes)

As you can see, the closest I have gotten to an FPS gun port is the different shell types, though I think that would be useful for proper multiplayer warfare, as the shells could be changed to follow different strategies or tactics.
This also means M:AR will likely be my practice mod before making APS multiplayer, as this will be a lot simpler to implement in SMP than APS which will requite syncing all sorts of stuff relating to power and crap.

Any and all comments are welcome. Unless of course you are a CoD freak asking for a desert eagle or AK47 or some such nonsense.

20 Jan 2012

Intuitive Programming Survey

Well lookit that, two posts in a day.
Anyway, I've decided to conduct a simple survey to see if there's any correlation between certain personality disorders and programming intuitively (i.e. being able to 'see' how to solve the problem, no need to plan it out).

So, if you have programming experience, professional, formal or amateur, have a go at the survey.
It takes maybe 10-15 minutes, not long, and once I have enough results I will publish here a set of graphs and charts showing the results. It's all completely anonymous, and more is explained in the survey description. If you want to back out at any time, you can do so by just closing the survey.

However, don't bother taking the survey if you don't have any programming experience.
Also, only take the survey ONCE please, this is just out of curiosity, but I think the results might be interesting.

Anyway, here's the link:

New Laptop

I've finally received the new laptop I ordered to replace my little netbook, which has been dying a slow, painful death. I think Dabs might have thought that increasing the size of the box might offset the dispatch delay, not that I hold it against them, they did sell over 200 of these in a week and they've been very quick every other time I used them, but yeah, the box they sent the laptop in is big enough for me to sit in.
But those waiting patiently for APS 0.1.0 shouldn't despair. I've made sure to pack all my laptop-coveting and box-sitting into this evening so I have the rest of the weekend to finish the update.

On that note, a couple more things that should be in APS 0.1.0:
Organics Cracker - Converts large amounts of organic materials into small amounts of oil, don't call it OP, it actually exists (in fact the cracking process is so good, it can even make oil from turkey carcasses, which it does). Useful if you REALLY hate the environment in Minecraft and can't stand to even go near SirSengir's biofuel.

Grinder - Allows for small amounts of more valuable materials to be extracted from large amounts of less valuable materials, for example small amounts of cobblestone can be found in dirt and even smaller amounts of iron can be found in cobblestone. There will be more processing options later, perhaps with each block having a random chance to produce certain things, or the ability to select what to search for in the ground materials, so that the grinding sequence can be branched.

8 Jan 2012

Coming up in APS 0.1.0

Here is the complete list of changes and additions for the next version of APS:

- Updated to Buildcraft 3.1
- Dynamic Textures now working
- Energy Director finally working
- Laser-Grid power transmission system added
- SETS power transmission system added
- Tokamak (Fusion Generator) rebalanced again
- Lots of laser effects added
- Solar power sorted out. Much less laggy now
- Probably more stuff when I remember them

Finally, as many people have noted that they like only parts of APS (mostly the energy store), I have decided to make the entire mod modular. This means that, using the config file, players can pick and choose which parts of APS they want. Don't worry though, it will still only be one download. Hopefully this will make it more accessible to people who only want one or a few of APS's machines.

Due in perhaps 2 weeks (after all my assignments are finished).

2 Jan 2012

Holy Carp.

Wow, never thought's APS would get Electric Sheep 2000 views in two weeks, I'm amazed.

Thank you all who follow and use my mod, you've made my first public programming project a wonderful experience. On that note, I am still hard at work on the next version of APS, I have finally got the dynamic textures working, upgraded to the 3.x branch to take advantage of new methods and objects, rejigged the recipes so that the machines must be assembled on an assembly table, added two new medium and long-range power transmission systems, added a LOT of lasers and worked out a lot of bugs and inefficiencies from the solar power plant.

However, the next update will probably not be for another couple weeks, I have a test next monday, assignment on the thursday (the one following the monday test), and another 2 assignments in on the thursday after. Also, if the mighty SpaceToad releases 3.1 within that time, I will update APS to work with that first too.

Also, with APS 0.1.0, I will be putting the download through adfly. For those of you who don't like it, I'm sorry, but it will be my very first earnings of my programming career, hopefully that can persuade you to wait 5 seconds.

Thank you everyone who reads this. You've made me sure this is where I want to be.