8 Jan 2012

Coming up in APS 0.1.0

Here is the complete list of changes and additions for the next version of APS:

- Updated to Buildcraft 3.1
- Dynamic Textures now working
- Energy Director finally working
- Laser-Grid power transmission system added
- SETS power transmission system added
- Tokamak (Fusion Generator) rebalanced again
- Lots of laser effects added
- Solar power sorted out. Much less laggy now
- Probably more stuff when I remember them

Finally, as many people have noted that they like only parts of APS (mostly the energy store), I have decided to make the entire mod modular. This means that, using the config file, players can pick and choose which parts of APS they want. Don't worry though, it will still only be one download. Hopefully this will make it more accessible to people who only want one or a few of APS's machines.

Due in perhaps 2 weeks (after all my assignments are finished).


Primarch_of_mechmarines said...

Awsome, I've been waiting to try this until it was updated to BC3 I'll be featuring it on my lets play world later on (with you permission of course) Have not started the series yet though as I'm waiting for my headset to arrive.

dAkshEN3 said...

I'd be delighted for you to feature it in a video. If you have any questions about how anything works, just ask so you can explain it better. Also, if you are using the latest version of buildcraft (3.1.2 for MC 1.1.0), wait for APS 0.1.0. It should be done on monday, and it will have more/better stuff in it!

Primarch_of_mechmarines said...

I'm not going to upgrade to 1.1.0 yet (at least not until IC2 comes out for it)

Primarch_of_mechmarines said...

oh well at least that will give me time to gather more resource.
A thought just occured, could you possibly add the ability to use IC2 industrial diamonds in recipes in the future?

dAkshEN3 said...

Sure, I don't use IC any more personally (SO MUCH LAG), but I'll look into it once I've got all of APS working properly.