2 Jan 2012

Holy Carp.

Wow, never thought's APS would get Electric Sheep 2000 views in two weeks, I'm amazed.

Thank you all who follow and use my mod, you've made my first public programming project a wonderful experience. On that note, I am still hard at work on the next version of APS, I have finally got the dynamic textures working, upgraded to the 3.x branch to take advantage of new methods and objects, rejigged the recipes so that the machines must be assembled on an assembly table, added two new medium and long-range power transmission systems, added a LOT of lasers and worked out a lot of bugs and inefficiencies from the solar power plant.

However, the next update will probably not be for another couple weeks, I have a test next monday, assignment on the thursday (the one following the monday test), and another 2 assignments in on the thursday after. Also, if the mighty SpaceToad releases 3.1 within that time, I will update APS to work with that first too.

Also, with APS 0.1.0, I will be putting the download through adfly. For those of you who don't like it, I'm sorry, but it will be my very first earnings of my programming career, hopefully that can persuade you to wait 5 seconds.

Thank you everyone who reads this. You've made me sure this is where I want to be.

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