20 Jan 2012

New Laptop

I've finally received the new laptop I ordered to replace my little netbook, which has been dying a slow, painful death. I think Dabs might have thought that increasing the size of the box might offset the dispatch delay, not that I hold it against them, they did sell over 200 of these in a week and they've been very quick every other time I used them, but yeah, the box they sent the laptop in is big enough for me to sit in.
But those waiting patiently for APS 0.1.0 shouldn't despair. I've made sure to pack all my laptop-coveting and box-sitting into this evening so I have the rest of the weekend to finish the update.

On that note, a couple more things that should be in APS 0.1.0:
Organics Cracker - Converts large amounts of organic materials into small amounts of oil, don't call it OP, it actually exists (in fact the cracking process is so good, it can even make oil from turkey carcasses, which it does). Useful if you REALLY hate the environment in Minecraft and can't stand to even go near SirSengir's biofuel.

Grinder - Allows for small amounts of more valuable materials to be extracted from large amounts of less valuable materials, for example small amounts of cobblestone can be found in dirt and even smaller amounts of iron can be found in cobblestone. There will be more processing options later, perhaps with each block having a random chance to produce certain things, or the ability to select what to search for in the ground materials, so that the grinding sequence can be branched.

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