11 Feb 2012

Coming in APS 0.2.0

So what's to come in APS 0.2.0?
- All machines will share a single block ID! (IMPORTANT INFO)
- 2 New machines. The Blast Furnace (formerly Magmafier) and the Mineral Extractor
- The APS source code will be available for viewing as of 0.2.0b. It won't technically be open source and it'll have a license, but it'll be completely free to browse through and for the most part free to copy from as long as credit is given. As such, I am in the process of annotating EVERYTHING, especially the more complex systems.
- Perhaps some other stuff.


cybrshdw said...


hey i was wondering if it might be possable for me to get a copy of the souces for aps? once you get 0.2.0 out

you can let me know here or over on BC forums

dAkshEN3 said...

Yeah, once 0.2.0 comes out, I'm going to release APS's source, with as much commenting as I can bear to write (probably necessary for stuff like the dynamic textures and metablock systems).

It'll come with a license, but it'll be fairly laid-back. More just to make sure people know it's my code than to stop people using it.