17 Feb 2012

M:AR screenies and MineRIE

Moar new stuff: My mods now have their own forum! Just click the link on the right, there's 12 ways to log in, including WordPress so you can use your BC Forums account.

As the title suggests, two things:

Firstly, a few screenshots of what I've been doing today (7.5 hours in the uni pub with nachos and trance music, click the images for bigger versions using the lightbox thingy):

MISSILES! And believe me, they look even cooler when you see them launch and watch the huge plume of smoke shooting backwards from the launch block. And they work like missiles too, start off slow then are accelerated in the direction they're pointing until the rocket motor burns out (about 2.5 seconds). Of course, this caused some problems of rogue rockets when I was working out the right thrust-to-burn-time ratio.

Secondly, I have resurrected my MineRIE project, which is a 16-bit computer based on the MARIE virtual architecture using redpower.
So far I have working memory (with support for up to 256 bytes, which the final version will have) and an 8-bit ALU (the part of the CPU that does the actual calculating, this will become 16-bit eventually).
At the moment, the ALU can do addition (and once the control unit is constructed, it will be able to do subtraction (by two's complement), multiplication (repeated addition) and division (repeated subtraction)) as well as multiple-bit-simultaneous (i.e. you can use all 8 (soon 16) bits of the ALU to perform up to 8 (soon 16) logic operations at once) logic operations (AND, OR, XOR, NOT and once the control unit is constructed also NAND, NOR & XNOR).

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