11 Mar 2012

APS has grown!

A few things have changed for APS in the past week or so:

Firstly, the APS source is now on SourceForge here!
You can also view tickets (upcoming changes) here to see what's going to change in the next update and how far along we are with various features and bugfixes!

Secondly, I just said we, not I. Cybrshadow (or cybrshdw on the BC Forums) has joined me in working on APS, so far mostly doing bugfixes and adding small features (like a 0.75% chance to get gunpowder from flint in a grinder) but I'm looking forward to seeing what new things he can think of.

On a somewhat related note, I will have some assignments and exams due in a couple of weeks, so my contribution to APS might drop a little for that period. I am still determined to get 0.2.1 out as soon as possible (i.e. once we fix that bloody chunk error), and Cybrshadow should be able to keep the fixes and improvements coming while I'm busy with uni.

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