12 May 2012

Coming to APS soon™

This is a list of the stuff that will be coming to APS in the next few versions, sorted by time (soonest to least-soon):
  • Various edits, bugfixes and improvements. Small stuff basically.
  • Sort out the triggers and actions, especially the Tokamak's. They're so damn confusing to use ingame.
  • Add ComputerCraft Peripheral capabilities to the APS machines. Will allow near-absolute control over the machines so that users of ComputerCraft can fully automate their APS contraptions. See planned functions here.
  • Expand config control. Allow for more parts of the mod to be changed through the config.
  • Sort out some niggling things, like making the machines rotate like normal blocks (you know, like how the furnace always faces towards you when you place it). Will also likely change some of the textures so they are on the sides, not the tops, to fit with everything else.
  • Have yet another stab at SETS and LaserGrid.
  • Add a matter-transportation (read: Laser-based teleporter) system.
  • Add player teleportation capabilities to said matter-transportation system.
As you can see, I've not given up on APS. I've just been busy with other stuff (and working on Carthage/CZ2D, which is nearing its first working release) and will continue when my exams are over. I would have squashed a few more bugs over the past couple of days but the svn is being stupid so I can't redownload the latest source (if anyone wants to go to the APS sourceforge page, download the source files and send them to me, I'd appreciate it). I've now managed to get access to a recent source, but the svn is still being stupid. I'll have to make sure everything's working before I start on stuff, though it would appear the CC integration will require a bit of code jiggery-pokery to get working in a nicely structured way.


Ho Ho said...

I tried to check out the code for you but got this:

A buildcraftaps-code\aps\module_SETS
svn: E200014: Checksum mismatch for 'C:\devel\tmp\aps\buildcraftaps-code\aps\mod
expected: ca0a5745e86ed7b738222111e2d11ec2
actual: d8333303d5e15828e1a5012ceb19acdc

I guess you are having same error? Doesn't sf support some kind of automagic latest source to tarball generation? Would be nice to have in such occasions :)

Ho Ho said...

Apparently you could just download the files one-by-one manually. Unfortunately I don't have enough time to do this myself at the moment but if you haven't got the source in around 12-16h I can do that probably.

Anything to get new stuff to APS, this mod is pure awesomeness :)

dAkshEN3 said...

@Ho Ho
Yeah, that's one of the errors I was getting. The other one was a svndiff decompression error I was getting when I tried to avoid the first error.

And yeah, I can download them all individually but APS is a fair few files now. I'll have a look into downloading it as a single archive as you suggest.

In the meantime, I've sent a message to cybrshdw to see if he can send me his latest source.