24 May 2012

Retrospective: Games Computing, Year 1

I've officially finished my first year at uni now. My last exams went pretty good, confident I've got a decent grade. So with all that finally done, I've decided to do a kind of retrospective showing all the new stuff I've learned or experienced in the past year. So here we go:
  • Learnt C# to a very competent level.
  • Learnt XNA and started producing a fully-fledged game and game engine using it.
  • Taken part in a Game Jam (24-hour Game Dev event) and successfully developed a game in the allotted time.
  • Learnt Java to a competent level.
  • Produced a working and fairly popular Minecraft mod.
  • Created a fairly successful blog with a reliable following.
  • Greatly increased my repertoire of watched anime and read manga.
  • Met many... interesting people.
  • Become involved in 2 university societies.
  • Learnt how computers work from physical, through component and operating system, to application level.
  • Gained a great appreciation for pasta.
That's all I can think of for now, but it shows most of the stuff I've done. This year was good.

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