26 Jul 2012

I hath returned (kinda), CZ2D progress update and broken Kindle

So, we've finally got internet in the flat now, 30mb cable broadband from Virgin (and it actually is 30mb!), though we're having to share my laptop until the ethernet cable I ordered from Dabs arrives (it's a fair distance from the router to my desktop, and a 15m cable is cheaper and more reliable than a wireless dongle, it doesn't take up any precious USB sockets either). In short, I'm back online, but it'll be sporadic until that cable arrives.

In the meantime, progress on CZ2D is coming along swimmingly. The main HUD and Inventory screens are experimental, but working. The Magazine system for the guns is also working (for magazineless weapons like the single-shot hunting shotgun, you have a 24-round-capacity pouch to draw from).
The inventory system is pretty much fully working. The player has a general inventory whose capacity depends on several things, like the pockets on their clothes, the size of their backpack, even not having any weapons drawn will give you the small bonus of carrying stuff in your hands. They also have a set of specialised inventories called Pouches. Pouches only have a very limited capacity and can only hold a small range of items, but weapons and other wield-able items can draw directly from them (accessing the general inventory means stopping to refill Pouches by holding R or opening the inventory window). The player has one of each pouch automatically and cannot lose them, but their main functions is as a quick-access inventory, so can't be relied on for storing items.

I might be able to treat you all to an experimental version of CZ2D quite soon, but don't expect anything spectacular, at the moment the focus is on getting it fully functional, and the zombies are waiting until I can get my head around pathfinding.

The final part of this update is that my lovely Kindle 2 (the white on with the fancy brushed aluminium back) has died from screen failure after 2 years of loyal service. Unfortunately, as I bought mine just before the smaller 3rd-gen ones came out, the 2nd-gen has been out of production for nearly as long as mine has been giving my stuff to read. Hopefully soon I can gather enough money for the Kindle Touch 3G, which, while looking nowhere near as nice as the 2nd-gen, at least doesn't look like a toy like the 3rd-gen does, and has the benefit of a touch-screen to play around with.

I was halfway through Charles Stross' Jennifer Morgue too..
Which I highly, highly recommend, by the way.


PCMaster160 said...

Agreed with the usb wifi adapter. In about 5 years I have still yet to find one that is fast and lasts.

dAkshEN3 said...

I don't suppose you could do some textures for CZ2D? I've designed the system so it's very easy to swap the textures out (it's just changing a couple of bits in a config).
The textures aren't even resolution or shape-restricted, the game will resize the textures when it draws them so they're the same size (most of the elements keep the texture's width-height ratio, so they aren't stretched out of shape).

From what you've done with APS' Sphax addon, I'm sure CZ2D could very much benefit from your skills.