5 Aug 2012

Update of no consequence

Look what I finally managed to get hold of!
The Serial Experiments Lain artbook! As my favourite anime, I thought it right that I get one, and it's pretty damn awesome anyway.

In other news, I also have a great new SteelSeries QcK Mass mousemat (optical mouse and black glass desk don't mix, I've been using a blu-tacked down piece of paper for the last 3 weeks) and an ethernet cable, which means I finally have internet on my desktop again!

In other other news, I've dual-booted my desktop with Ubuntu just for the hell of it. It's surprisingly similar to mac visually but quite cool.

On the Minecraft front, I have no idea when I'll get around to updating APS for MC1.3, I've kinda gone off Minecraft at the moment, been working on CZ2D and playing Terraria.

Bonus Image: A teaser screenie of CZ2D so far, including weapons system, inventory and equipment. Ignore the placeholder textures.

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