18 Nov 2012

Another update of little import

Well, it's been a while. I apologise for the lack of info or anything, uni work pretty much pounced on us all at once a few weeks ago.

I also apologise for getting everyone's hopes up with the APS recode. It will have to go back on hold for now as I don't have enough spare time to dedicate to working it all out. However, the brilliant Seph has ported APS to 1.3.2, and you can all get it here.

As for my uni work, this is what I have:

Game Design - Make a paper prototype of a new Red Orchestra map, and do an MDA analysis on it.

Computer Graphics - Make an amusement park in OpenGL via GLUT in C++. No imported models.

Advanced Software Development - Use the Nearest Neighbour Search to recreate an image from a shuffled version and a noisy version. Then use NNS to solve a Where's Wally. In C++, which we only started learning this semester.

Group Project - In groups of 5, design and create a game prototype which demonstrates creatures with a genetics system, procedural generation and emergent gameplay. For this, our team is using Carthage.

As you can see, lots of stuff to learn and do.

However, I do have a present for you all. Carthage must be in a working state by January so we can start work on the game. It is currently in a private git repository on BitBucket right now, but I will make it available for you all to play with when it's up and going. Furthermore, I have permission of the rest of the team to continue work on our game after the conclusion of the project, and to release it here for free with the source code! If it turns out to be all we hope, it should be pretty damn good.

Finally, I have been telling everyone I know about a new, awesome Kickstarter project I found. Its name is Star Citizen, it is a PC-Exclusive AAA-grade space sim lead by Chris Roberts, the guy behind Wing Commander and Freelancer. Currently they have more than doubled their original goal of $2million (£1.25million) and there are still 27 hours (as of now) left. $37 (£23) will get you access to the Alpha and Beta versions. Oh, did I mention it has Singleplayer, Multiplayer (10 or so players) and MMO (full open-world) gameplay? And ships with interiors you can explore on foot? And EVA combat? And the single/multiplayer modes are moddable? And the devs will try to integrate popular mods into the MMO mode? Back it here!
EDIT: Video!



Ho Ho said...

Any chance for source release? :)

dAkshEN3 said...

Of which, my pre-update source or Seph's port?

Simon said...

It would be awesome if Seph's port was on github or something so those that can can build and keep current sans support etc, but that's up to you two!

dAkshEN3 said...

I've asked Seph but he says he would like to keep the port's code private.
Sorry guys, but it's his choice and I understand his reasons.

Simon said...

Nah that's cool, worth asking but I understand :)

Looking forward to using it again.

*goes back to tuning things so his golden pipes stop bloody exploding*