6 Mar 2013

ULCS GameJam 2013

So, I don't know if I mentioned this last year, but myself and my friends competed in the University of Lincoln Computing Society 24-hour Game Jam under the name Team Norwegian Blue.

Team Norwegian Blue's eponymous mascot. Bereft of life, he rested in peace atop our computer tower.
This weekend, ULCS are running the event again, so we will be returning to bring glory to the parrot. The themes for the Game Jam will be decided on the day, and we will then have 24 hours (and plenty of tea, biscuits and pizza) to build a game that fits.
This year, however, we will have an advantage. Carthage is now in an operational state so we will have a good codebase to work with.
Also, there will be folks from Legendary Games, Crytek and Rockstar attending to help with the judging and to have a look around.

If I have time (last year I spent 23 solid hours programming), I will try to post a few updates on how it's all going, but in any case, here are the relevant links:
Site (Twitter and/or Facebook links will be added during the event)

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