Be aware, this portfolio is still under construction. There's yet more to add!

Over my time at the University of Lincoln, I've built up a fairly decent portfolio of games and software.

Some of these pieces originated as assignments, while others are purely personal projects. A few of the games listed here were created in 24 hours during the Computing Society's annual Game Jam.



Animo Finished
A 3D sandbox RTS with simulated genetics/evolution and procedurally-generated worlds.
Developed for my 2nd-year group project. I was the lead programmer in our group of 5 and supplied an early version of the Carthage Engine to use as the game's base.

Buildcraft: Advanced Power Systems Finished
A mod for BuildCraft, adding such things as energy storage and fusion generators.
Developed in my spare time during 1st year as a way to learn Java and contribute to the Minecraft community.

Carthage Engine In development
An extended game development framework for XNA 4.0 (soon OpenTK).
Adds many useful features, such as game-state management, simplified and improved rendering utilities, a 3D procedurally-generated world library and config-file-based content management. Has been used for my group project (Animo) and my second and third participations in the 24-hour Game Jam (Bezumiye and Napalm in the Morning).

Lilit Finished
A lovecraftian navigational puzzle game set in a constantly shifting shadow realm.
My team's fourth and final contribution to the university's annual 24-hour Game Jam. Uses a special illumination system and realtime terrain generation to produce a mysterious realm where the land will constantly change when light is not shone upon it.

VisualMARIE Finished
A simple implementation of the MARIE virtual machine architecture, with a twist.
The product of a bored evening, implements the MARIE architecture using an RGB image for all of the virtual machine's memory and registers. Apart from being mildly interesting to watch, the computer's state is stored entirely in the given image, so it can be saved at any point, transferred to a different PC, loaded back into the program and resumed as if nothing happened.

Vox Engine In development
An advanced voxel engine developed using C++ and DirectX 11.
A project designed to expand and cement my knowledge of C++ and graphics/shader programming, separates local and global coordinates to allow for truly vast worlds (theoretically up to 150,000,000 times the surface area of Earth) with no loss in floating-point accuracy. Will also include advanced graphics techniques such as vertex array objects, deferred rendering and shadow mapping to improve efficiency and aesthetics. Vox may also make use of PhysX to provide realistic entity physics, but the focus is on robust handling of an enormous voxel-based world and the use of advanced graphics techniques.

All Projects

Bezumiye Finished
A bleak top-down dungeon-crawler-alike set in the last minutes of the Chernobyl NPP.
My second participation in the annual university 24-hour Game Jam, won the Critical Design Award. This game also made use of my Carthage Engine, so I was primarily responsible for the level generation system and integration.

Contingency: Z Planned
An ultra-hardcore zombie survival sandbox FPS.
Something of a cross between DayZ and Project Zomboid (though conceived entirely independently of both), with procedurally-generated worlds, agent-based AI and ultra-high levels of gameplay realism.

Energia Finished
An abstract 3D target-shooting game making use of the Microsoft Kinect.
Developed for my Game Programming assignment, won the Best Project Award in the annual university Industry Showcase.

ENIGMA Finished
A text-based decoding game built in GameMaker.
Developed for my Introductory Games Studies assignment in 1st year.

Frontier Worlds In development
A hard sci-fi tabletop RPG, heavily inspired by Firefly, X3 and Shadowrun.
A personal project based in an alternate history developed by my friend and myself, the players take on the role of a private spacecraft crew during the golden age of the Great Expansion.

HiraganaTrainer Finished
A simple program to aid in memorising Japanese hiragana characters.
Another personal project stemming from my own desire to learn Japanese. Freely available and open-source.

Khemeia In development
A team-based first-person strategic/tactical magical combat game.
Inspired by the 'Alchemy' of Fullmetal Alchemist and the principles of real-life alchemy and Hermetic magic, Khemeia is designed to specifically require organised team tactics in order to win.
Originally a solo project, but has now been chosen as the first major project for our Game Jam team, where I am now lead programmer, lead artist and lead designer.

Kinectographer Finished
My 3rd-year project, implementing Iterative Closest-Point mapping using a consumer-grade depth camera and mobile robot.

KyBot In development
A personal IRC bot developed over time to perform various functions, from scraping TvTropes to a Markov text generator.

Napalm Morning Finished
An irreverent satire of Russian international politics and Apocalypse Now.
My team's third entry for the annual university 24-hour Game Jam. Also made using my Carthage Engine, I again provided the level generation (this time 3D mesh terrain) and damage system.

OpenGL: Amusement Park Finished
A small amusement park developed using C++ and OpenGL.
Created for my 2nd-year Computer Graphics assignment, features hierarchical models and a pond with animated ducks and ripples procedurally generated using Perlin Noise.

/R/ealms Of Magic Finished
A sidescrolling hack&slash which uses reddit voting stats to intuitively generate characters and levels.

UnrealEngine Map: Jabir Finished
A Myst-esque cinematic level created in UDK.
Developed for my 2nd-year Game Design assignment, the level follows the discovery of Aqua Regia (a solution capable of dissolving gold) by Jabir Ibn Hayyan, an 8th-century Islamic alchemist.

Zetsubou Planned
A dating-sim visual novel that critically examines the effects of depression and the general perception of the disorder in modern Japan.
Drawing from sources such as Welcome to the NHK and Depression Quest for style and approach, Zetsubou is designed to help people understand the subtle but powerful effects depression can have on a person's perception, using the normal, predictable scenes of a dating sim to highlight both the differences in perception and the importance of emotional and psychological support, romantic or not.

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